State Dependent Learning

State Dependent Learning album cover Album: State Dependent Learning
Released: September 2012
Track Listing:
  1. Sound Check Song
  2. Kill Tradition
  3. Negotiating the Contract for the Sale of My Soul to the Devil
  4. Eviction Notice
  5. Feeling Chemical
  6. Civilians, Saints, and Bombers
  7. Dollar Ballots
  8. Mr. Mechanical
  9. Dishwashing College Graduate
  10. My Lovely Worm
  11. The Price of Love
  12. Anxiety
  13. What We Are
  14. The Disconnection
  15. Lord, The Lube!
  16. Apocalypse Party

Sweet Sacrilege

Sweet Sacrilege album cover Album: Sweet Sacrilege
Released: February 2009
Track Listing:
  1. Dynamite in Hand
  2. Red Wine in a Plastic Cup
  3. Scene Police
  4. We Sold Our Black Flags to Pay Rent
  5. Patron Saints of Fuck

Sample Track:
"We Sold Our Black Flags to Pay Rent"

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