12.17.15 Blog Update!!!

Hey Everyone!

So we are a little behind working on the new record "Teach em to Fly". Yeah I know, what else is new. hahah. We had a rough and busy year this year and shit kept getting in the way. We had two Marriages, an engagement followed by a nasty break up, A broken down van we couldent afford to fix and had to sell, A stolen trailer. and two Honeymoons. Plus fucking work, we aint rock stars. We'll now that all that shit is done, there should be nothing else to get in the way of finishing this record up. Working on vocals currently, and hoping to have it finished up before March or April. We got a new truck and a new trailer and it looks like we will be hitting the road around the northwest a bunch this winter to help fund this release. So buy our current records if you dont have em already to help us pay for shit, (iTunes,Spotify, interpunk, Bandcamp, etc...) or come to shows or if you want us to play in your town. hit us up. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can set something up.


2.1.15 blog

Hey Fuckers. I"m not sure if anyone even fucking reads this shit. But after a few hard years of not being incredibly active doing adult things like buying houses, working on careeres, Kids, engagements, Job Promotions, Moves and whatnot we are finally working on our new record "Teach Em to Fly" Whitch should be out sometime this summer. We Should also be back out on the road shortly after that comes out. Also should be getting a new Faithless Saints and Irican Productions Website up this spring. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for us 2015. We are comming at ya Hard Heavy and Horny. We may also be looking for someone to help us release this one, so if any labels or distributors or anyone wants to get involved with the likes of us. email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or we will just release it ourselfs like we always do.


6.6.13 Blog


Hey fuckers! So we are not doing any extensive touring this summer but we are going to be playing alot of shows right here in Portland and the surrounding Northwest area. So check our show calender and come hang out and have some drinks with us. We are in the process of working on the songs for our next record as well, however we are not going to start recording it till this fall. So if you havent pick up a copy of our last record State Dependent Learning please do for it will fund our release of the next one. hahahaha 

Stay Faithless fuckers


First Damn Blog


Hey Everybody

So holy fuck...we have a working website now. I don't even know were to start. Some please come check out our Music, News, Tour Dates, Pictures or whatever and we will do our best to keep this bitch updated. I am also in the prosses of going though all of our pictures going all the way back to 2006. So I will try to get all thoese pictures up in the next few months for your enjoyment. As for other news...We are in the prossess of getting our songs all tight for our next record. Not sure what it will be called yet but we should start recording that somethime this winter. Check back soon for more info!